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winamax-poker-canada,The packages produced with free blackjack online unblocked technology drastically reduce the size of the container and the environmental impact. free blackjack online unblocked is a world leader in the manufacturing of equipment for the production of single-dose containers made of laminated plastic material and innovative eco-friendly materials.

football-apps-download,The technological flexibility offers our customers several advantages since we are able to create countless shapes to satisfy the continuous market demand. We aim to surprise and amuse also the most demanding marketing experts. Even after 40 years, the single-dose remains an innovative product also thanks to the benefits in logistics and in reducing drastically empty spaces. With our technology the customer can save energy, reduce packaging materials, transport costs and storage spaces.


Printed containers to protect the product inside the package from the light - in case of photosensitive products - and personalization of the package with graphics and/or labels.,


bet365-android-app-greece,Ideal for liquid products. Thanks to a straw perfectly sealed to the container (® free blackjack online unblocked patented system), that allows the direct use to the end-consumer, this package guarantees a perfect seal, hygiene and protection from the external contaminations.


ku-basketball-manager,Possibility to realize a packaging with symmetrical or asymmetrical sticks for Dairy and Confectionery applications.


online-cricket-match-earn-money,Possibility to obtain tailor-made and exclusive shapes to enhance your brand and to satisfy Marketing needs.


cricket-betting-app-uk,Transparent packaging to give more value to the product inside the container or to show its integrity.


odi-ranking,The product is not subject to contamination and the rigid / semi-rigid / weatherproof container resists crushing.


free blackjack online unblocked technology allows to eliminate empty spaces and to reduce both the weight and the carbon footprint of the transport towards your customer.,volleyball-spike-mechanics


Possibility to obtain customized and stand-up packaging similar to a small bottle or to replicate your primary packaging.,free-poker-online


online-cricket-match-earn-money,Possibility to produce a unit-dose packaging made of eco-friendly material (PET mono-material or 90% Paper-based material) with low environmental impact.


tennis-only-nz,With our containers it is possible to use only the necessary quantity of product without any waste.


Optimization of the secondary packaging compared to large containers.,odi-ranking


No caps thanks to the "snap-off" opening method.,blackjack-clubs


tennis-camp-ri,Space-saving - especially when outside and when travelling - and use of the single dose only when it is needed.


best-online-poker-sites-for-money,That does not require cutting tools for its opening


The Unit dose greatly reduces material consumption minimizing the waste.,basketball-hall-of-fame-wnba


With our technology you can reduce raw material consumption and we can help you in costs and time saving.,free-demo-slots