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gambling slot,       July 20th and 21st, Brazil customers had been visiting 365 live match Group for two days, vice-general manager of 365 live match Group Mr.Wang, technology department general manager Mr.Gao and directors from E-commerce department were responsible for receiving Brazil customers. 

Brazil customer visit 365 live match Group

      The customers visited 365 live match structuring components workshop, pipe production workshop, Dorson production workshop, construction machinery assembly workshop, meanwhile watched the operation situation for hydraulic alc koh and hydraulic sugarcane loader, and gave a high appraisal to product performance. And then we introduced our company detail information to the customers, including our enterprise strength, product characteristics and technical advantages, and customers also tried to operate our hydraulic sugarcane loader by themselves. The customer is greatly impressed by 365 live match advanced technology, convenient operation, high efficiency and comfortable operating environment. 

Brazil customer visit 365 live match GroupBrazil customer visit 365 live match GroupBrazil customer visit 365 live match Group

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