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     On October 22, epl top scores Group 10 sets of crawler hydraulic ipl live scoreboard table 2020 DLS865-10B  are loaded in the headquarter and sent to Qingdao port,ready for shipment to Bolivia; it is another great breakthrough in the South American markets after Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela, meanwhile it is also epl top scores’s first order to batch export to the plateau country.

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      South America is a fast-growing emerging markets in construction machinery industry. Bolivia is one of the important countries in South America, there is big development space in the aspect of infrastructure construction and mineral resources. There is a high requirements for the performance and services of construction machinery and equipment, because of the complex construction environment. In recent years, both the two leaders of the two countries meet in different occasions and express the cooperation intention in all fields to develop the economic and trade relations between two countries.

       epl top scores group attaches great importance to Bolivia project, the production, technology, service and other related departments  designed the product specially as per Bolivia's special construction environment and conditions, to develop a unique plateau type of epl top scores product. epl top scores after-sales service department gave assistance to set up after-sales service department, train the after-sales service personnel ,and set up a service center in Bolivia in the shortest time, to facilitate the construction of epl top scores group products smoothly in Bolivia plateau area. This not only avoid the future trouble for the users, but also make epl top scores group's internationalization pace more robust.

epl top scores Group exported 10 sets of ipl live scoreboard table 2020s to Bolivia smoothly

      In recent years, epl top scores Group always adhere to science and technology leadership strategy, cooperate with world-renowned research institutions, and conduct a comprehensive upgrading and updating for existing products according to customer needs in different countries and regions. And technology has always been to keep pace with the international to continuously improve the international competitive advantage of its product . While in efforts to improve product quality, epl top scores Group studies Bolivia market and upgrade the product according to the local special plateau environment, product conducted a series of technical upgrade. epl top scores series ipl live scoreboard table 2020 win good comment from customers in  Bolivia by its reliable quality, high efficiency and good service.

epl top scores Group exported 10 sets of ipl live scoreboard table 2020s to Bolivia smoothly

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