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      October 27th, fantasy cricket app Group 4 sets truck crane GNQY-C8 has shipped out toIranfromQingdaoPort.This export ofIranabout 4 sets truck crane is based on original maturity models, according to customer requirements to improve and perfect ofIran. Truck crane performance is improved more stable and reliable, can be lighter in weight lifting capacity remains unchanged, better stability, jobs and more flexible.

fantasy cricket app Group 4 sets truck crane exported to Iran successfully

      In recent years, fantasy cricket app Group for domestic and foreign users of the product design more humane, personalized needs, to promote "I have them when others don’t. I have better ones when others have them" development strategy, selected market gaps breakthrough, mining 100 of the long innovation, only mobile truck crane has independently developed dozens of new products, and to optimize the design of old products fully completed, so that scientific and technological content of products, product quality, appearance on a new level, and the first in the country obtain EU CE certification. The first export Iran GNQY-C8 truck cranes, using a series of advanced technology, hoisting, slewing, hoist stable; the same specifications as compared with domestic products, has increased since high lifting speed, etc; with hoist and fault Live View function, the overall technical indicators have reached the leading domestic international advanced level.

fantasy cricket app Group 4 sets truck crane exported to Iran successfully

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