basketball-hoop-very,volleyball serving facts's mission is to provide safe and cost-effective packaging solutions with minimum environmental impact. Our technology allows to save huge resources and raw materials by creating light and flexible packaging with important savings compared to standard bottles and containers.

Flexibility and lightness are a winning formula. Reducing the packaging material brings logistics savings and disposal advantages with gains throughout the entire product life cycle. We are aware that innovation and sustainability creates value by guaranteeing the development of the company and of our employees.,handball-wm-2021-news

volleyball serving facts always puts its customers and collaborators at the centre of its strategy and we are constantly committed in the development of new applications and new efficient, economical and sustainable technological solutions. We are also deeply convinced that our reputation is a precious resource and it must be carefully taken care of and cultivated every day worldwide by guaranteeing high standards of integrity, legality, transparency and respect.,games-football-2020

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junglerummy,Food safety is a key point and consumers expect healthy and safe products. Since 1979, we have realized hundreds of solutions for the food industry and for volleyball serving facts this means having full control of our technologies ensuring maximum production quality.

Non-Food grade applications


volleyball serving facts combines experience and innovation and we are your ideal partner for filling and packing liquid and semi-dense products by offering Tailor-Made solutions. All volleyball serving facts machines are designed to guarantee high levels of precision, quality and efficiency.,vegas-odds

Work life balance


famous-kabaddi-player,Through the Work life Balance volleyball serving facts aims to create an environment that safeguards and respects people, trying to take care of their well-being in the workplace by encouraging them and promoting collaboration.

Sustainable future


volleyball serving facts is committed to create a sense of belonging and behavioural integrity with respect and collaboration, allowing the creation of a sustainable environment designed for innovation and excellence at all levels.,dragon-quest-builders-2-p2p